Our new Essence Collection is our one running line program that was inspired by several elements of time and texture. Here is some imagery that you can relate to that helped us develop the patterns that make up the Essence Collection:

1. Ebb & Flow

Of course this contemporary pattern is busy with the distinct characteristics of coral reef…

Ebb & Flow from the Essence Collection

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2. Give It Time – simple – organic – winding- flowery- pattern…

Give It Time of the Essence Collection

makro-trava-zelen-lug-cvetok images (8) - Copy stock-footage-close-up-to-dry-grass-flower-in-the-wind - Copy

3.  Hour Glass – like sand through an hour glass…these are the days of your life…you know what I mean…

Hour Glass of the Essence Collection

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4. Stitch In Time – probably one of our most popular patterns so far for its small scale textured elegance aspects…

Stitch In Time from the Essence Collection

line-drawings-matt-niebuhr - Copy Large_LBY-330 - Copy

5.  Due Course – classic damask is so regal.

Due Course of the Essence Collection

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6.  Sun Dial – ancient – sharp – geometric – modern.

Sun Dial from the Essence Collection

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