It reveals the connection between visual art and script, while illustrating the versatility of line and language.  History confirms that prior to printing, information worth recording was worth recording beautifully.  All cultures have characteristic forms of calligraphy that communicate uniquely, and the distinguishing visual impact allows for immediate identification.  That’s pretty powerful for an art form with components that can be simplified into combinations of curved and straight lines.


There can be a more global nature in the calligraphy of modern art- applying and interpreting aspects of western and eastern styles.  However, two facts are consistent about the script: there is skill and confidence in the clean, definite strokes; and the fluidity of the line work conveys spontaneity.  The dichotomy established by those two facts creates the tension that makes calligraphy so dynamic.


art by Elliott Puckette:

elliott puckette



urban calligraphy by Simon Silaidis:

simon silaidis


Calligraffiti by Greg Papagrigoriou

greg papagrigoriou


Art by Laura Wait:

laura waite