Due Course

Scarlet O’ Era
Golden Ages
Moment in Thyme
Bedtime Blues
Black Friday
Afternoon Coffee
Due Course is an intricate damask pattern that works well in traditional interiors. Imagine you were a mouse in a maze with dead ends and paths — that’s why it is called Due Course.


Product: Due Course
Construction: Infinity
Gauge: 1/12th
Pile Height: Low: .156″ / 0.061 CM — High: .187″ / .073 CM — Average: .171″ / .067 CM
Tufted Yarn Weight: 32 OZ / 907 GM
Stitches Per Inch: 12
Fiber Content: 100% – Solution Dyed Nylon
Density Factor: 6737 LBS PER SYD / 5151 KG PER M3
Primary Backing: Polypropylene
Secondary Backing: Action Back
Width: 12 ft.
Repeat: 18″ X 30″ / 46 CM X 76 CM
Colors: Bedtime Blues, Black Friday, Golden Ages, Moment in Thyme, Scarlet O’Era, & Afternoon Coffee

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ASTM-E648 Flooring Radiant Panel: Class 1
DOC-FF-1-70 Pill Test: Passes
AATC 134 Electrostatic Propensity: Less than 3.5 KV
E0622 Smoke Chamber: Less than 450

Download Specification PDF

CM Hospitality Carpets are manufactured and recommended for floor covering use only. With all quality carpet, colors may be subject to dye lot variations. If this product is not installed within our guidelines the product warranty may be voided. You can obtain our product installation guidelines in our technical data section of this site. 

  • Due to equipment limitations, patterned carpet may create visible lines in both the length and width of the carpet. It may not be detectable in a small sample and is not considered a manufacturing defect.
  • With all patterned carpet, perfect pattern match may not be obtained at the seams. A reasonable pattern match may be obtained by using trained, experienced installers and by following the Manufacturer’s installation procedures.
  • For the warranties to apply, all Seam Sealers and Adhesives must by approved by CM Hospitality. We would recommend the use of CM300 Ultra Premium Adhesive and CM 1801 Seam Sealer.
  • 10 Year Limited Wear Warranty – Please see complete warranty detail in our technical data section of this site.

Download Specification PDF