Radiant Energy Collection

CM Hospitality proudly introduces their newest design collection – Radiant Energy!

Scientific developments arise from investigating both the microscopic and magnificent. Radiant Energy was inspired by the convergence of those two concepts.

CM's BDWest 2015 Booth

CM’s BDWest 2015 Booth Featuring the Radiant Energy Collection

The collection is grounded in the exploration of foundational principles established by ancient mathematicians, but seeks to connect that groundwork to ideas both modern and futuristic through the visual language of its patterns. Past, present, and future are united to create dynamic images to energize interiors.Tessellations provide the linear structure for designs and act as a contrast to the play of lyrical curves with diaphanous layers of colors. Glints of metallics shimmer across mysterious dark fields, giving a staccato rhythm to vaporous nebulas.The Radiant Energy collection represents the connection between infinitesimal and infinite, structure and fluidity, old and new.

Geometry is pursued for the sake of the knowledge of what eternally exists, and not of what comes for a moment into existence, and then perishes..”  Plato 

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