CM Hospitality is known for their extraordinary custom designs and service for the hospitality industry. All projects do not require no have a timeline that caters to custom designs so we offer a versatile collection you can turn to when time ins of the “essence”.

This collection is the 2nd generation of our previous collection called Phoenix. With its refreshing color ways and modern designs, the Essence Collection will be a valuable resource for projects that need a short lead time but without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

All of the Essence Collection patterns are 32 oz. Infinity construction and feature 100% solution dyed nylon fiber. The standard backing is ActionBac® for this quick-ship option. The expected lead time for this collection is 4 weeks or less for quantities less that 1,000 sq. yards. Of course, larger projects are still offered with extended lead times which will be serviced with the same impeccable service that you would received on customer orders.

The unique patterns that make up the Essence Collection cover the spectrum from organic to to geometric but all highlight in different ways the elegant yet durable Infinity construction capabilities. Whether it’s the coral reef feel of Ebb & Flow that inspires you or the classic damask of Due Course, there is a pattern for each project type with a fresh yet neutral color choice available. With six patterns and six color ways, choosing carpet for your time-sensitive project will be a cinch, and you can move on to other pressing issues.

Due Course

Each pattern has a “time” themed name. Due Course is an intricate damask pattern that works will in traditional interiors. Due Course is featured in Moment in Thyme. Imagine you were a mouse in a maze with dead ends and paths — that’s why it was called Due Course.

Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow was named that because it resembles a vast coral reef. Ebb & Flow which is made with Infinity construction of 100% solution dyed nylon is featured in Bedtime Blues.

Give It Time

Give It Time reminds of the patience we need to let things grow and naturally develop. Give It Time is featured in the Golden Ages color way.

Hour Glass

This pattern was probably the easiest to name because of its shape. Hour Glass is featured in Scarlet O’Era which is always fun to say out loud when ordering this wonderful product.

Stitch In Time

This pattern is simplistic and smaller graphic with soft tip-sheared texture. Stitch In Time is featured in Afternoon Coffee. CM Hospitality has been getting rave reviews about this pattern, Stitch In Time.

Sun Dial

Lastly, Sun Dial is our geometric fractal / faceted look that is really on trend right now. Sun Dial was named for the ancient time piece used to tell time and is featured in Black Friday.