Cove Base & Custom Rugs


Cove BaseCove Base

At CM Hospitality, we try to cover all the bases… with carpet that is! CM Hospitality offers a wide variety of standard coordinating solid colored 4″ cove base trim. Standard color boards are available upon request.

Cove base can also be ordered in custom solution dyed patterns. We also can accommodate 6″ cove base orders as well.

Custom Area Rugs

Got some hard surface areas that you need to soften with coordinating carpet? Well, let CM help you customize your own area rugs using our expert design team.

We can take most carpet patterns and cut and serge them into beautiful, high-end custom sized area rugs. You pick the colors, the style, and scale for your area rugs.

Click here to learn more about our Area Rug Edging Options!

Let our designers interpret your vision of design into gorgeous hospitality area rugs for your space!